Gina Kawecka – afon residency

Resident AFON artist Gina Kawecka seeks swimmers for photographic portraiture, in and around open water. Single/pairs/groups/families are welcome. Early mornings and twilight are optimum (but of course will work around schedules as much as possible). Abercych area – can travel to favourite/special places suggested by participants. Digital copies of portraits given at end of project

Gina is a visual artist working in photography, film and performance. Her performance and dance background continue to influence her work around narrative, image, portraiture and place. As performer/maker, physicality and play are at the centre of her practice.

Photographically she is concerned with the psychological landscapes available within an image, and the unconscious processes that facilitate image making.

Working with individuals and communities offers an energising participatory connection, taking art beyond a gallery space into the everyday realm.

Gina’s video installation “Immerse” will be shared during the afon festival at 2 Penrhiw, Abercych on Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 September.


‘The dream is the aquarium of the night’ (Victor Hugo)

Immerse is a moving image and sound installation illuminating the oft unseen waterscape of Brighton’s female sea swimmers. Shot in the sea using natural light, the camera movement and underwater sound create a mysterious dreamlike environment going beyond documentary into an imaginary aquatic underworld.

Immerse has previously been installed as a projection piece onto three large scale vertical voile screens creating an immersive audience experience (University of Brighton (2018), ONCA Barge (2019)).

For AFON Immerse will be reworked for the cottage environment, offering exciting new challenges and perspectives on the work and its placement.