Photo: Ray Jacobs

Photo: Ray Jacobs

Studies for Maynard

by Simon Whitehead

A live dance installation, with movement, sound, image and object.

Abercych Village Hall, 25 April 2015, 2pm – 4.30pm. Free/ Am Ddim

Exhibition format, call in at any time

A dancer lies on the ground, looks at the sky and inhales the clouds. A spacewalking Apollo 9 astronaut describes his views of earth. An embryo performs growth gestures in utero and a raven flies the same territory its whole life.

Home is a fabric, a weave, in which things move and merge.

In his solo Studies for Maynard, Simon Whitehead thinks about what it is to be located at home and hold hands with the cosmos.

‘If we can sparkle he may land tonight’
Starman, David Bowie

Simon’s been working on aspects of Studies for Maynard since 2012, with the first performance element shown as part of Maynard Come Home in 2013. This year it’s evolving into a gallery based project with the Maynard table travelling to Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown and the inaugural Cardiff Dance Festival.

The events in Abercych on Saturday 25 April are the first steps on the way.

In the afternoon Simon will be presenting the piece in exhibition format. Come along anytime between 2pm and 4.30pm.



Evening Concert

7.30pm start

with music and dance from:

Ceri Rhys Matthews and Julie Murphy of Fernhill,

Ceri Owen Jones and Elsa Davies of cerddcegin


Simon Whitehead, A Study for Maynard

£6 on the door, children under 16 free


Refreshments by Jade Mellor of Wild Pickings




‘Their music is rapturous and alive’…Guardian


‘A secret music, quiet music, a music for kitchens and friends’…

Ceri Rhys Matthews



Neuadd Aberycych Village Hall,


SA37 0HB