Alternatives to Survival- Anushiye Yarnell- 2018 from simon whitehead on Vimeo.

In January 2018 Anushiye was invited to 2 Penrhiw to develop her new work Alternatives to Survival…

Tracing Evolution & its gaps – as questions – propositions through the body.

Reconfiguring failure as a constellational and perceptual force of Nature. 

A means of Navigation. 

‘I dance through an assemblage of scores occupying the questions I have about life- including death, humanity… love, and the polarities of survival.’

As part of our ongoing project ‘Dancing in the Gallery’ Anushiye shared this solo work in performances over one day on 6th January at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen. 

On 13th January Anushiye shared her performance scores at our Twmpath Abercych, culminating in an invitation to all present to join her in an improvised line dance.

On 16th January ‘Dancing in the Gallery’ travelled to Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown, where Anushiye presented two performances of Alternatives to Survival. 

Anushiye’s reflections:

5 performances

4 in Galleries and one in Twmpath

Each performance so different- exposing a spectrum of

possible habitats for audience and myself to interact

through dance.

*Alternatives to Survival*

*I made a note in the margin*

(Does the Universe seek to survive?)

I make a wish for this dance to become at once

transparent & see through- whilst unfolding a surfaces…

with multiple configurations.

    *Note on the nervous system*

    (if our Brain is the Inner Skin-

     Skin is our Outer Brain)

The dance unfolds- a habitat at once familiar yet


– the dance orientate layers of space- layers of ‘myself’ as questions- layers of other’s presence as propositions.

    -the dance manoeuvres invisible civilised

     segregations- blind spots- the acceptable unseen in

     our day to day experience.

–  Though the subject matter is non-segregative….the dance has a specific proposition- to erase the distinction between ‘Performance’ and ‘Practice’. What if we reconfigure that as dancing with the presence of others in my dance and dancing alone often imagining the presence of others. Finding an interface between inner and outer habitats in the dance. 

–  Strategies of of representation and abstraction only occur to unravel themselves and one another. 

–  perhaps the dance surrenders to finding an empathy/ symmetry between oppositional forces and sometimes somehow finds itself in synchronicity. 

Constellations of Audience dynamics-

Variations and Possibilities-

Potential for movement- exchange of artist’s habitat-

with others in gallery- unravelling the movement of

questions- of the movement through layers and

constellational  variations of “gaze” but also other

senses and perceptions.

Discovering the array of variation for audience

involvement which the score can offer through its


(“Seeing and Being Seen”- Deborah Hay)

Uncounted time.

What if we experience time as sensation?

As weight. As levity. A skin.