mirror waltz“The choreography of NEST has been accumulating over a period of 4 years since the early stages of my pregnancy with my daughter. It is a performance that shows life and art as the same. It is a piece about the function of love in ordinary life.

The piece is a gathered interwoven collection of experiential thoughts and questions conversationally moving within the whole. The NEST is a site where refuge can be taken from the wilderness in its various forms. It is also a site to take off from and move back into the wider world. Life relies upon the nest’s own abandonment.

The work is a dance, an instillation, a relationship with the audience and with my daughter’s presence, and is dependent on her involvement. This presence invites a more inclusive viewing for everybody in the space to experience the boundaries set up between childhood and adulthood and the light and shadow it throws on our experience of what we believe to be true within life’s constructs.

The work is a continually developing piece adapting in unpredictable ways to the time and space during a residency.”

Sharing event at Abercych village hall on Sunday 6 September, 3pm with tea afterwards.

NEST – Anushiye Yarnell HQ from anushiye yarnell on Vimeo.


Anushiye Yarnell: Nest


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