Água Viva

Siriol Joyner (Cymru) & Nibia Pastrana Santiago (Puerto Rico)
Preswyliad/Residency at 2 Penrhiw, Abercych, Cymru/Wales
Hydref 11-21 October 2013

“unheeded, happy and near to the wild heart of life” JJ


Sleep like a stone
Sing like a shark
Our tongues are golden.

Double Act
RED heaters
wombs and placentas
“the oblique life is very intimate. I shall say no more about this intimacy so as not to harm thinking-feeling with dry words. To leave the obliqueness in its own uninhabited independence.”

Nora paints the apples with purple nail polish
“What I do by involuntary instinct cannot be described.”

Sglefren fôr
The sea doesn’t wait.
“but now I want the plasma- I want to eat straight from the placenta”

I don’t want to be a vessel
To be a vessel
To dance with water in the mouth
To sing like the Dulais. Llais Dulais.
“hear me with your whole body”
The texture of water changing from crystalline to saliva.
Thick and warm.
“I can stand it because I’m strong: I ate my own placenta.”

“There is no pattern to follow and the pattern itself doesn’t even exist: I am born”.
This is soft.

If fire could burn choreography, i would be ashes.
Forgotten, invisible, emancipated.
I gather: wood. yawning forms. saliva.
Fire tears oxygen away from time: the swollen joints of structures float away. let it BURN. BURN. BURN.
And, please water the pestilence tomorrow.

N notices the moon through the window and begins to howl. We howl together, it is a song. We are breathing together. S pulls the blue Welsh blanket towards her and over her head to make a tent. N is sitting in the opposite corner and slowly closes her eyes: they don’t see each other. S moves diagonally towards N. Leading with the butt, S is swooping all the objects on the floor.

N- What is this? You know this. (a wooden blue stick, is dropped on the floor).
S- Yeah…
N- Is not what it is, but what is does.
S- Gravity.
N- Loud object
A Video Transcript:
N: This is soft
S: Bod mwy cyfoes, being mega contemporary
N: In my next life, I don’t want to have bones
S: Blap!
N: I want to be like a
N & S: Blap! Blap, blap.
S: Like that?
N: Like your hair, more contemporary though.
S: Mega!
N & S: Mega, mega mega.
S: Sometimes people drive too fast
N: And what happens?
S: Squashed
Roadside burial
Can you see me?
N: No
S: Can you see me now?
N: No, but I can hear you
S: This is soft
Buuu uuuu huuu
N: I would name this ‘Fake death and a song”
S: What?
N I would name this ‘Fake death and a song”
S: Buuu huuu huuu huuu oooo
I think it’s untitled.
N: Temperature: Cold, Hot, Warm.
Ahhh! Oh no! So sorry, so sorry.
S: Aw.
N: It’s these lights: they are too theatrical!
S: Pop, pop, pop
S & N: AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa
N: Aaaaaaaaaashes?
S: Yeah! Ashshhhhhhhhhhh
N: Ok!
S & N: Shhhhhh huuuu shhhhhh
N: Meaningful, meaningful, meaningful, meaningful.
Waterfall, waterfall, waterfall.
Who am I?
S: I don’t know who you are!
N: I’m you!
S: Oh!
N: The title of this section is “Constant Horizon” or ‘Recent Horizon”
S “Recent Horizon”.
10 Teitl/Titles:
1. Clarice One
2. All the blankets i can fit in my mouth.
3. Benjamin Jones was a tall man.
4. Apples without meaning.
5. Red moon
6. Dance number 31368
7. Phallic (these are good, they are very human)
8. Frontal sensation
9. Sweeping nape of neck
10. No axis , 4 blankets and this is not a healing dance

*with quotes and fragments from Água Viva by Clarice Lispector