“The residency with Maynard in Abercych was an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my career. It is not often that an artist is given the space to develop their practice within a safe, tranquil, open and supportive environment. I was able to shift my mind from focusing on predominantly client-based deliverables, towards a more somatic and personal approach to my practice. It allowed me to create a space for informal and open discussions. Resulting in the opportunity to explore both myself and my work within a rural context.

From lighting fires at night in my cottage, to walking, dinners and even long-boarding with my beautiful host family; or even the chats with local musicians and villagers both inside and outside of my own practice; The experience overall has fed a hopefully long-standing connection with a thoughtful organisation and a thought-provoking place.

During my visit, after getting the opportunity to provide a body percussion workshop to a local group of invited young people, I was inspired to create what I term my Body Percussion Diaries. These short improvisational happenings are now an exercise that I will continue to use post-residency. It has also served as a tool to leave an echo of myself within the village, as well as carry those sounds back with me to my concrete jungle.”

Omari Carter, June 2021